Winning culture, winning outcomes

Memeology is a Management Consultancy Service Provider operating in accordance with BS-EN 16114 – 2011. We are an Organisation Health and People Development Company that helps our customers to WIN.  Winning unlocks many opportunities, such as, private sector profits and investment, successful delivery of public sector services and policies and personal recognition for all the people who deliver the win.

We provide consultancy and practitioner support to improve management and employee engagement to help people and organisations succeed in the execution of their plans. We focus on the people component of business strategy, your people’s working relationships with your clients and customers, how your people behave and collaborate when working together and we provide training, coaching and development for your people and teams.

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We focus on organisation and team culture, by developing group identities and the personal ethics of the people that form groups; groups that are task focused, either as stable functions, such as, executive teams, sales and operations, or short lived task groups, such as, project teams.

We develop three main areas: practical experience and skills, personal ethics and business ethics, so that when taken together we help our customers build new strong memes capable of surviving in the organisation’s culture and its economic and social environment, to increase the chances for the organisation and its people to WIN.

Our lead-in point is the personal ethics and behaviours of individual people.  We develop their performance excellence through training in personal ethics, character and skills development, through workshops and coaching.  At an organisational level we review and improve the organisation’s ethics, through codes of conduct, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance (collectively Business Ethics).  Our empirical evidence proves that one approach without the other does not work well for all stakeholders.

We work in the private and public sector and with national level institutions in health and higher education and the third sector.  The table below gives an indication of the teams of individuals we typically work with.  Of course this is not a complete list and we also provide one-to-one support for key individuals when required.

Private sector Public sector Institutional/Third Sector
Ethics, CSR and Compliance Ethics, CSR and Compliance Ethics, CSR and Compliance
Executive Teams Executive Teams Executive Teams
Human Resources Human Resources Human Resources
Sales/Procurement Policy/Managerial Research
Operations Procurement Academic
Finance Delivery Fundraising
Engineering Engineering Journalism

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