About Memeology

Memeology is the study of ideas and behaviours as they spread from person to person in a culture.  At Memeology we create and direct memes with our customers for the sole purpose of winning.  What we do, why we do it and how well we do it defines who we are.  It’s not what we say that counts, it’s what we actually do that matters.  What we do is the actuality of our ideas and behaviours.  The units of ideas and behaviours are called Memes.  Are your memes helping you to win?

Winning is said in many ways.  Sometimes we call it success and for every success there is a win.  There are many opportunities for success.  As a person are you successful at home and at work?  Are your teams achieving what they need to?  Does your organisation work well?  Everything is constantly in motion and subject to change – so are you, your teams, your organisation and your memes.

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Our empirical data proves there is something missing from many theories regarding organisational culture, change management and integrity risk management.  What makes us different is that we help to make the organisation’s direction similar to that of its employees.  Everyone going the same way and relying on each other.  It’s called virtue ethics and it is the central theme to our programmes to help everyone become a winner.  Virtue ethics works at the individual level, it is about you and you entirely.

This missing ingredient leads to a mistaken expectation that people will just turn up to work and give it their best shot. Well guess what, they don’t.  In response we often see very blunt approaches to management and leadership that reinforce the cultural weaknesses leading to frustration, bullying and fear and it is an on-going headache for leaders of all organisations, including those that often head up polls measuring the best places to work.  We simply ask, how motivating is that?  We can all improve, but we only do it willingly when there is something in it for us.

We are all of us inescapably inhabitants of advanced modernity, bearing its social and cultural marks (MacIntyre 1981).  We find it difficult to find our place in our various societies (social and work based) and nowadays people are competing hard just to standstill.  There is a strong sense that many people feel as though they are simply surviving and not leading fulfilled lives.  Leaders who are trying to find a direction for an organisation need everyone to pull together.  When that doesn’t happen the organisation is severely weakened.

To recap Memeology is the study of ideas and behaviours as they spread and evolve from person to person in a culture.  The word meme was introduced by Professor Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book, The Selfish Gene.  In it he proposed a law that things; genes and memes, for example, evolve by the differential survival of replicating entities, as they adapt to their environments.

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