How can we help you?

We are an Organisational and Learning Development Agency and we get involved with the following:

  • Discover: Research & diagnosis
  • Create: Planning & design
  • Deliver
  • Win: Value calculation

The most important thing we do is help you to achieve your goals.  We work with professionals in the sectors and teams shown below.  The people who work in the areas shown in green handle the interface between your organisation and your customers or the public and we develop specific programmes to improve performance and focus on winning.  And the performance of people in central functions are crucial to this success, so we design our programmes to lead with strong re-enforcement of personal and business ethics.

Private sector Public sector Institutional/Third Sector
Ethics, CSR and Compliance Ethics, CSR and Compliance Ethics, CSR and Compliance
Human Resources Human Resources Human Resources
Sales/Procurement Policy/Managerial Research
Operations Procurement Academic
Finance Delivery Fundraising
Engineering Engineering Journalism
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We’re experienced in helping many different kinds of organisations ranging from engineering to telecommunications to educational institutions. We can do this because despite their differences, all successful organisations have something in common: great people and a great culture. Our consultants will work with you to grow and strengthen your unique culture to help you achieve more.

Here are some of our products that we build into programmes and that can be applied to any of the sectors and teams mentioned in the table above.  We work with you to design a programme that meets your exact needs.

Engagement stages Tactical Products      
Research and Discover Literature review Current situation report
  Interviews and assessment centres Employee surveys CSAT surveys Sales and Ops. organisation review and audit
  Business Ethics audits Employee engagement programmes
Create Strategic planning workshops Tactical planning workshops Programme proposals Personal and Business Ethics programmes
Deliver Delivery workshops Facilitation In-role working Seminars and conference speeches
  Creative problem solving Consultancy Advisory Executive coaching
  Innovation BS11000     Relationship Management Opportunity management Pipeline and forecast management
  Proposition development Sales capability programmes Capture Planning Virtue Ethics workshops and coaching
  Ethical due diligence in ‘C’ level recruitment Ethics Ombudsman Service Ethics investigations Behaviour Ethics
  Continuous improvement Process and method workshops Code of conduct preparation MEME® Collaboration Software
Calculate Value and WIN P = p-i Balanced Scorecard Cashable benefits Ratio Analysis
  Outcome analysis Our promise

Please review our page on Business Ethics to find out how we provide ongoing support by maintaining a strong ethical framework to build your winning culture.

Contact us today, to discuss how we can help to develop and sustain your organisation’s ethics, integrity and winning culture.