Memetic engineering in 3 subject areas

Business Ethics

  • The prevention of Integrity Risk by improving the judgments people apply to their everyday decisions
  • We evaluate compliance to ethics processes and controls, making recommendations for improvements
  • We educate through the transmission of new memes the values by which the organisation expects its people to work

Performance Excellence for Winning Outcomes

  • We focus on people and processes
  • Everything is in motion, we manage change
  • We apply the techniques of Continual Improvement and Knowledge Transfer
  • We cover all organisational levels
  • The entire organisation
  • The team
  • The individual

Personal Ethics for Winning Cultures

  • Our education programmes reinforce organisational values, by making them relevant and part of people’s lives
  • We are what we do, repeatedly well
  • The task is to focus the people who are engaged in an organisation and to transform by agreement and education some of those people who are disengaged
  • We focus on what helps people to WIN, both for themselves and their organisation

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