Dr. Kelvin Clayton – Associate Consultant

Kelvin teaches ethics at Staffordshire University. For his doctorate he researched, from the joint perspectives of contemporary French philosophy and complexity theory, how social and institutional structures emerge and become organised. This research was in part a response to the work he was doing at the time in the public sector where he was working on the ‘social inclusion’ agenda; he became frustrated with the general lack of understanding concerning the nature of the social structures and relationships he was attempting to change. His current research interests include virtue ethics, its relationship to organisational evolution and creativity, and its development into an ethical approach to living that will support a sustainable future. He has written and presented papers on his research to numerous conferences.

Kelvin is also a fully qualified careers adviser with 12 years experience of delivering careers and general guidance to both groups and individuals in a variety of different environments. He has received training in the practice of Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused Counselling and has received and delivered training in public speaking.