Pete Clark – Associate Creative Director

pete clark

Pete’s work centres around helping people to focus on the core of their business, identify the key messages and then communicate these in ways which are appropriate for their customers. The output of this process will often be a new (or updated) website or corporate ID but it could just as easily apply to any ‘designed’ work a business requires.

He is equally at home advising on matters of strategy and written content as he is on colour pallets and typefaces. It really is about finding what’s most appropriate for you and your customers. And this is different for every business.

He held a position on the board of Derbyshire’s Creative Industries Network for three years and has worked in (and run) local graphic design companies.

Skill set

  • Breaking complex ideas into achievable actions
  • Creating strong, effective brand identities
  • Designing and building usable, focussed websites
  • Seeing things from various perspectives
  • An honesty which can boarder on annoying (but which you will be glad of should you choose to embrace it)