Personal Ethics

Let’s take account of the needs of your people as they conduct their work.  Our argument is that if people are fulfilling their personal potential in the course of doing their work, they will be engaged and motivated towards theirs and their organisation’s goals and will take business ethics seriously when they are faced with daily dilemmas.  We want our customer organisations to improve the workplace culture so that individuals can flourish.  We call it actualising the waking third – snappy heh!  It’s about using the one third of our life when we are awake and at work, to truly improve ourselves in the process of making a positive difference for our organisation and society in general.

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Winning is said in many ways.  We help your organisation and your people to win.  We do this by improving the engagement of your most engaged people and helping some of those people who have become disengaged, for whatever reason, to re-engage with the organisation that pays them.  Gallup’s Q12®instrument, shockingly proposes that 71% of employees in organisations are disengaged from the organisation’s goals to some degree and our proposition is that the way to re-engage many of them is to ignite their life’s purpose in the course of their work.  We call this personal ethics, as a generic name, but our specific approach is through a branch of ethics called Virtue Ethics.  You may see us refer to this occasionally on the website and you can read it interchangeably with personal ethics.  Please add a post to our blog on Personal Ethics by clicking here.

Personal virtue ethics is about how we live our lives and presupposes that we are living to fulfil ourselves and flourish.  In general terms this is the goal and is what makes the ‘Good Life’ a reality during our life.  We attain our potential through the habitual pursuit of excellence, hence the phrase from the Home Page: We are what we do, repeatedly well.  Imagine the step change in the performance excellence of your organisation, by investing in programmes that improve the personal ethical approach of your people.  The objective is to move a substantial number of disengaged people in your organisation to become actively engaged, because they get something extra directly out of the experience, beyond the salary they are paid.

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