Practical Skills and Experience

It is in the area of practical skills and experience that we expect to engage with your organisation and people most often.  Our methods are familiar and take the form of structured workshops, seminars and coaching.  Although, there are many ways to deliver developmental training and we would be happy to discuss other ideas with you.

We design programmes that are designed to support the deployment of overarching memes (ideas and behaviours) across whole organisations, divisions or teams, by way of supporting strong ethical principles.  In other words, how people should conduct themselves in their work and habitualise good practices to become excellent.

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We also work at the task level in support of project groups.  These can be within your organisation or where your project teams are working with other organisations, when partnering and alliancing, for example.  We specifically focus on the improvement of collaborative behaviours and augment good cognitive and behavioural principles with personal and business ethics training in workshops.  Our empirical evidence shows that many people are told about the need to collaborate or improve the dynamics of teams, for example, without any explanation as to how to do it, or what benefits individuals will get; beyond their salary and an expectation by their employers just to get on with it and do it.  This tired old approach simply does not work.  It never really did, but the cracks in this old approach have become more clear as the workplace and tasks have become far more fragmented and complex.  Our task, with you, is to engage as many people as possible towards the the organisation’s and their own goals to increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

The table shows the sectors and teams we most often work with.

Private sector Public sector Institutional/Third Sector
Ethics, CSR and Compliance Ethics, CSR and Compliance Ethics, CSR and Compliance
Executive Teams Executive Teams Executive Teams
Human Resources Human Resources Human Resources
Sales/Procurement Policy/Managerial Research
Operations Procurement Academic
Finance Delivery Fundraising
Engineering Engineering Journalism


You can also follow the link to our How Can We Help You? page to show you some of the individual types of work we can do in bespoke programmes.

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