Revive the Forty Five

This blog is basically the same message as ‘The Decline and Fall of the Corporate Empire’, but it takes a more positive view of the same issue. Much of the text is similar, but it depends if you are a glass half full or empty sort of person. Here’s the abstract: ‘Now think about what the performance level of your organisation could achieve if you could ‘revive the forty five’, by adding an extra 16% of your people to those who are already engaged. Revival of the forty five depends on educating them in ways to develop their character for improved decision making and judging which actions to take when facing ethical dilemmas. These benefits positively impact on business growth and the delivery of public services as more people learn how to become more effective decision makers.

Read the full pdf here and call me, Andrew Hill (07985 803587) to discuss how we can help develop your people’s character for improved performance.

Thank you.

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